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Oil Patch Twirlers  - Unofficial Website
Mainstream & Plus 
Time: 8:00 P. M. 
2nd. and 4th. Saturday nights 
Cushing Community Center 

Callers:  Graden Napier and Larry Reames.  Graden calls on the 2nd Sat. and Larry the 4th unless we have a guest caller.

Club Info:    Lessons
Lessons will start the first Sunday in Sept from 2-5 p.m.
Kids will be free with parent taking lessons. 
For more info, call 405-258-0779 or 918-243-5350
Dance Dates: Club Contact: Presidents: Wayne and Karen Rozell, 
and can be contacted at 405-258-0779 evenings, 
or 1-800-259-1414 weekdays.
Community Center 
700 S. Little 
Cushing, Ok. 


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Farron Kempton